questions about account and data recovery

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    Help!! Questions about account and data recovery

    so my old droid razr maxx was recently repaired from water damage thanks to a dedicated repairman who replaced parts destroyed by corrosion with parts from another droid. however, it has a pattern lock and i remembered the combination too late and so now i must enter in my google account info to unlock it

    i've been trying my best to remember the account info, but the phone itself does not have internet access nor a SIM card so i'm worried that even if i get it right it won't work. the phone number associated with the device is being used on a different phone. despite all this, i was told that the phone stores this account info on the device so i don't need a SIM card or internet access to unlock - is this true?

    also, i'm worried that the only option to unlock is a factory data reset. however, i have important text messages on that phone that i wanted to retrieve before i toss the phone away. what are my options for retrieving these? does data recovery software work for retrieving text messages after a factory data reset? and if it does, do i need internet access or a SIM card?

    one more thing i should mention is that the phone doesn't hold a charge - the battery needs to be charged externally to work. i don't know if this will make a difference either.

    i'm a total newbie at all this and i want to avoid going the mobile forensics route. i'm pretty upset that after all the effort to repair after water damage i'm being locked out like this :( any info would be much appreciated, thanks!!!
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