Question about upgrading.

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    Hello everybody.

    I have a quick question. A couple months ago I upgraded to the Bionic. Not a terrible phone, but it seems like even better phones came around the exact same time (I bought into all the hype =( ) So anyways, I used my upgrade up. I have a family account which I am the primary on. My mom bought a Droid X a couple years back and is eligible to upgrade, but she doesn't really care about it. So I'm just wondering if she can use her upgrade and just give me the new phone. Then just swap sims and we're golden. Is it possible to do that? I have heard that there are regular SD-sized sims, and MicroSD-sized sims now. Is there any way around that?

    And one last thing, if it is possible to do this, what new phones are coming out by the 10th of June that will be a good pickup? I really like the look of the Nexus, but that will be outdated soon as well.