Question about music player and iPod controls.

Discussion in 'Android Audio and Video' started by mkraffert, Sep 24, 2010.

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    I put a Kenwood stereo into my truck. It has bluetooth handsfree and bluetooth audio that works great. It also has a USB input the allows you to use a USB cable to run an iPod. Can the Droid emulate an iPod through the USB port? The stereo can seek, advance tracks, select playlists and basically totally control an iPod through the controls on the stereo head. Does anyone know of a Droid 1 can support this functionality? The bluetooth audio works great, but if I could control tracks through the stereo, that would be awesome. I'm hesitant to just plug it into the USB port to try it because I don't know if it will damage the phone or the stereo. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also, does anyone with more technical knowledge know what the risks are if I just plug it in and try it? I'm not overly worried about hurting the phone, it's under warranty, but I don't want to screw up the stereo. Thanks!
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