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    I have a mini 3.5mm to RCA cable plugged in to the receiver in the garage to listen to music. Unfortunately the music distorts too much to even listen to. If I turn down the volume on the Droid, I have to turn the volume WAY up on the receiver, and then I get a hiss. I've tried it on several receivers and the same thing happens. Is there a better way to do this?

    I'm also looking at this thing for my car: Bluetooth to RCA, Fits ALL Car Stereo AUX IN, IPOD MP3 - eBay (item 270337523490 end time Nov-26-09 02:25:00 PST)

    Basically, a Bluetooth receiver with RCA outputs I could plug in to the aux input on my head unit. This is the only one I can find, and it's in England. Anyone at least know of a second place I could look for one?
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