Put Angry Birds Down For A Sec And Try Snappy Dragons

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    Extremely reminiscent of the story line in Angry Birds, in steps Snappy Dragons for Android. With the option of playing as 1 of 4 different dragons, your job is to rescue your precious dragon babies which were snatched up by evil little wizards. The game is extremely colorful and vibrant as you attempt to rescue your yellow babies taken by red wizards who trapped them in cages spread out through various worlds. Object of the game overall is to spit fireballs at the evil red wizards without hitting the baby dragons. There are four colorful worlds your snappy dragon can traverse and provide more than 80 different and exciting levels which can be played in three different modes. Each dragon has its own special ability in which to fight the evil wizards.


    - Take a journey in 4 very unique worlds
    - Play in More than 80 levels
    - Use one of the 4 skilled dragons with special abilities
    - Have fun with the 3 different types of thrilling gameplay
    - Destroy the world and find secret paths

    Coming soon:

    - More colorful worlds
    - More levels to explore
    - and other surprises!





    The only downside is that this game is ad supported but if you're rooted, all you need is an ad blocker.

    Grab Snappy Dragons from the Android Market today for free. ​