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    Proper way to apply

    Sorry if this is already mentioned somewhere on this forums. Please correct me if I'm wrong, this isn't my phone but a friend's phone and he wants to keep his phone rooted but is unsure about the OTA updates.

    I've been looking all over the net for the proper way to update his phone or stop the update notifications for an already rooted Droid Incredible. He used Unrevoked3 to gain root access.

    So far I've seen lots of people mention these steps.

    1. Unroot phone
    2. Apply that Verizon keeps nagging him about
    3. Re-root using Unrevoked3
    My question is simply "Are those steps that correct?" I've also read some forums saying a downgrade may be required. If there are better steps please let me know.

    I see lots of directions on how to root the phone, but haven't found any forum mentioning a rooted patch for "already rooted phones" or anything like that. I was kind of hoping Unrevoked3 would apply the OTA or something since it comes with the clockwork mod but I keep seeing posts about how it will only root a phone with the new OTA update already applied.

    Thanks again and sorry if I'm beating a dead horse but I did do a quick search and couldn't see anything banging out what to do exactly.
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