Problem with Missing Icons and Phone Signal Strength

Discussion in 'Galaxy Nexus ROMS' started by wolfpackron, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I have the Gummy 0.9.0 installed on my Galaxy Nexus. At some point in time my icons have been changed. I have a wife who plays solitare on my phone in the car. Not sure if she made an inadvertant change or I did something myself. I used to have four columns x five rows of icons on everything except the main screen and four columns x four rows of icons on the main screen with the search at the top. I now have one less row of icons on each page. I do not remember making any changes to my phone since this change was noticed.

    In an unrelated issue, I am fairly sure, my phone is dropping more calls and my signal seems weak. Does anyone have a fix for improving phone signal. My neighbor pointed out that the last two times we talked we lost our connection. Then, today, my daughter and I had a very poor connection at my house.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, WolfpackRon. ​

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