Problem with internal memory/partitions.

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    I need some help with this one as I'm stumped. Last night my phone took a dump on me for no apparent reason I can think of. I was running Virtous for a few months without problems. I have several clockworkmod backups but my recovery seems to be messed up and I can't restore. Seems like my internal memory/partitions are no lolnger there. I get errors trying to mount data, cache, sd, etc (E: Can't mount /data). I've reflashed recovery with unrevoked and ruu but its not working.

    I'm S-Off and can't get it to take the S-On zip since mt sd card won't mount. It's definitely not the sd card as I have several and all fail when in recovery but I can mount disk fine.

    I flashed a stock PB31IMG and phone turns on fine but soon I get low space errors once I start installing apps. I'm certain it has to do with internal memory partitions but can't figure out a way to reformat or what the file structure/sizes should be.

    Any ideas?
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