Problem Permanently Removing Apps

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    I am having a problem completely removing a few apps.

    Google Earth, USA Today,, and WiFi OnOff.

    I have "uninstalled" these apps thru Titanium Backup's un-installer & have removed all backups & info I could find. None of these programs are in my app drawer.

    But... every morning my phone shows all 4 of these programs as an "Update Available" notification. If I click on any of these 4 notifications, it takes me to the page where you would click to either "update" or "uninstall" the program. HOWEVER, the "uninstall" button is "greyed-out" & the only thing I Could click on is the "update" button. The "uninstall" button is greyed-out/ un-clickable because it is NOT installed and the phone knows it.

    So why do I keep getting notifications of an update being available for these programs that arent installed???

    any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

    BTW... Running BB0.9, Smoked Glass, 1g overclocking
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