How to stop update notifications for a single app?

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    I have an app that works fine as is and I have no desire for any additional functionality or GUI tweaks, and in the last update to the app, there were some gui changes that I didn't like, but lukily I had backed up the previous version with astro, so I uninstalled and installed from my backup.

    The app still shows up in the market as having an update available, and I'd like to remove it. I thought I remembered seeing a thread on this very topic, but I now cannot find it with any amount of searching.

    From what I recall, the procedure was to uninstall the app and install via astro from a backuped copy. I've done this several times, and it always shows back up in the market when I reinstall. So what am I missing? do I have to keep it uninstalled for some minimum period of time or what?

    I've uninstalled the app both ways, from the settings menu and from the market and no dice. When the app is uninstalled, it doesn't show up in the market, but if I reinstall with astro, it shows up in the market again.
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