Possible Sd Card Problems

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by ggtus, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    i have had to do 4 battery pulls in one day. this has gone too far for me.

    my computer running windows 7 had a trojan and norton has taken care of it, ealier while listening to music with tunewiki it force closes and i try to go back into it. it force closes wont even load.
    go into regular music and it also will not load and force closes.
    pretty much everything involving the sd card would refuse to open.

    before that i slid my phone open to read a text :motdroidhoriz:
    I unlock it and as i go to start typing it freezes up and wont allow me to do anything. nonresponsive. only a battery pull to get it started, all the while my mom says she tried calling three times.

    the other times i tried to unlock the phone and i either slid the phone open to have the keys lightup but not the display and so i cant unlock it. it sits there keys lit, then unlit. and i couldnt turn it off without once again pulling the battery.

    this phone is starting to become a pain to have around wiht all the battery pulls and such. bought it back in december, is it time to get a replacement droid?
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    Did you recently install any new apps? Most of the time when i read threads like this...it turns out that an app is hanging up the phone.