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    Im not running a phone that I can use the theme chooser on and dont have any screenshots, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone installed it and put up screenshots for me.

    This is my new rendition of Caelum with mucho Elbow grease put into it. I had this for my personal Caelum theme for a while and never released it...and I found it in my dropbox...so figured Id give it to the community.


    Install the theme as a .apk....use the theme chooser to apply theme (it will say bummer...but apply anyway).

    For inverted market and some other great theme work, visit RUJELUS22 Themes I have not linked them in my thread because I did not make them...but I did use them on my own theme and they go well with caelum polished. I highly recommend checking out the site and keeping up with his work!



    Polished Caelum.apk

    Polished Caelum Metamorp Lockscreen

    Found some screenshots


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