Please suggest a phone to buy may 2013

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  1. sony xperia SP

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  2. sony xperia L

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  3. samsung mega 5.8

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  4. samsung mega 6.3

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  1. itachiuchiha31

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    May 6, 2013
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    I like the bass of walkman series, I already have good bass headsets of sony capable of producing very low bass sound.
    I am looking to buy a phone which can produce good sound quality for them (like flac), and have a decent camera (8-12mp, 3d would be nice since I ll connect it to my tv), screen size > 4 and has a android 4 os.
    I have shortlisted few phones.
    Budget will be around the phones listed below.

    can anyone tell me pros and cons of each based on specification as samsung ones are about to be released this month. If any other phone please suggest.

    sony xperia SP
    sony xperia L
    samsung galaxy mega 5.8
    samsung galaxy mega 6.3

    Thanks in Advance
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