Phone date resets to 12/31/69 after reboot.

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    So last light I made a phone call around 1am. When it was finished I hit end call and sat the phone down. About 20 mins later i picked it back up but when i hit the power button the screen wouldn't turn on. After trying 5 times or so I pulled the battery. After that the phone was able to turn on but the date on my phone was 12/31/69 and my current time was around 6pm (it was actually 1:30 am).

    My 3G connection was acting up today so I powered the phone down and booted back up. The same date and time appeared after the phone booted to the lock screen. It took nearly 10 mins before the correct time and date appeared.

    An impotant thing to note is when this happens my 3G data is totally unusable. I can't connect to the Pandora/Gmail/Browser/App Market.

    Anyone know what could be the cause. My DX is less than 2 weeks old. I have only installed 6 apps:

    Wireless Tethering
    Juice Defender
    Angry Birds

    I did have Advanced Task Killer installed for a day or two but removed it aout 8 or 9 days ago.

    Any help would be appreciated. Im not against doing a factory reset if need be. If I would have to reset is there anyway to backup my text messages?
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