Per App Incognito Making Its Way To Cyanogen Mod Soon!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Steve Kondik the founder of Cyanogen Mod announced today over the CM Google+ account that he is currently working on an all new and innovative feature for Cyanogen Mod. We all know about "Incognito Mode" in Google Chrome which allows you to browse the web without generating any browsing history. This helps you to maintain privacy. The new feature that could be coming to Cyanogen Mod soon is "Run in Incognito Mode". It will help you to keep your personal data under your control.

    Apps have really become pretty ridiculous with their permissions. Some apps request to extract data from your device that they have absolutely no business extracting since the data is not in any way relevant to how the application operates on your device. The trade off is a free service for your information. CM looks to help you keep your private info private. When you go incognito for a particular app that app wont be able to grab contacts, calendar, browser history, or messaging info. In addition your GPS will always appear to be disabled when running the app. This is reason enough to root and flash Cyanogen. Hopefully Steve will get this built in Asap!

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