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    Hi everyone. Okay this question may have already been answered but I've spent 3 days looking for an answer and I have not really gotten a straight one because people end up arguing or don't know what they are talking about lol. :heart: ok I currently have a LG Vortex and my boyfriend has a Droid 2 we both have PDAnet installed. Well.... one morning I'm getting up getting ready to tether and as I'm connecting it slows down on data connection... then it's authorized. so I continue my daily routine of checking my facebook when oops all of a sudden I get a nasty little Verizon message ...
    so I figured they caught on to us using the PDAnet but when I try his works perfect. =/ so my question is there way around it? will it end next billing cycle? why is verizon the ONLY provider that want to be a*******s about this. lol anyhoo. any information someone has on this stupid little message would be awesome =)
    Thankyou !

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