Paranoid Android Is Expected To Release A Nougat Update

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    For most Roms have become a fond memory. For others Roms are still very much a part of life. We have not seen much from some of the most popular Rom teams since the first half of last year. Paranoid Android was for a while one of the more popular Roms out there thanks to some innovative features like Halo which was a notification feature that ended up being used by Facebook Messenger for chatheads and also a Pie Navigation control.

    The last time we saw an update for Paranoid Android was to Marshmallow back in June. A few days ago the Paranoid Android Google+ account posted an image of an "O" with the text paranoid android and the hashtag #stayparanoid. The lead developer Arz Bhatia explained in the comments of that post that Paranoid Android only releases roms when they are stable enough for daily use, and only update when there are critical bugs. They only have 3-5 contributors at this point. There was no clarification on what exactly they are currently working on or how long it will take to see a finished release. As we all know if you ask for an ETA on a Rom build Rom developers go all Emo and are liable to quit working on the Rom altogether. It seems like the team is working on something maybe we will see it soon.

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    ok cool but when is it coming out? :)
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