OTA 2.3 vs TBH 2.3 2 part .zip files

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    So I took the ota from Verizon, for what reason I do not know. When I was done my phone would get considerably warm doing simple things. Did a full data wipe both from the settings and from rebooting to stock recovery, both did nothing to solve the issue. Along with the heat came very poor battery life, less than 6 hours on a full charge. Everything else about the update seemed to work fine for me though. After speaking with tech support they said it seemed to be a known issue with the update and they would hope to have a patch out soon to resolve some of these issues. They also said it sounded like a file became corrupt during download.

    On to the TBH 2.3 2 part .zip files. Right now these have been running smooth. I'm running the rooted version without any heat issues ( and I'm overclocked again to 1.15) and battery life has drastically improved, at least for me.

    Take it from me, TBH is the way to go. Funny though, people who do this in their spare time and make money off of donations can make a better product than someone who is paid to do this...

    ***note*** in case your wondering all of the system, build, radio, and version #'s are identical between the ota and the tbh files so you WILL get future updates from vzw, so really there is no reason not to install the tbh files other than you don't ever want to root you phone.

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