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    I must've had at least 3 different points in time over the past 2 months that I was *positive* which phone I wanted. First, it was the Droid X. Then, I heard about the Incredible and its refined Sense. Then, I went to a VZW store and fell for the Droid 2. Finally, FINALLY I have decided. I am giving the Fascinate a whirl. I'm not too thrilled about Bing, the GPS, or Android 2.1, but all these things can be improved upon, if not fixed, by Froyo. I'm psyched for the 4-inch super AMOLED screen, camera, and sheer sexiness of the phone! LauncherPro is getting downloaded about 2 minutes after I power this baby on, and it should be smooooth sailing. I'll post what I think after I play with it, ordered it on Wirefly today :). They're very cunning, though. It's 99.99 for a primary line upgrade, but for another line on a family plan it is 149.99. Ah well, they also have a 14 day guarantee, so if it is a bust, exchanges are hassle free =]
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