Ongoing Problem with notification badges and Zynga

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    Ever since my Galaxy S7 updated to Nougat 2 weeks ago, my notification badges (the little red circle with the number) on all my Zynga apps stopped working. Originally Words with Friends was stuck on 12 and Hanging with Friends was stuck on 2. I posted the same question when it first started happening and someone gave a suggestion to reset the badges through the settings which I did. So now all my Zynga apps have no working badges so I don't ever know how many turns I have. I will attach a picture with app stuck at 12 to show an example. I have contacted Zynga several times about this and still no fix, which I think should be simple. I have seen several other people complaining about same issues on Facebook and the Zynga Forums. I just think they may be clueless because they give the same answers. Lol. Anyone else experiencing this? And yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled the apps!

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