One App For All Your Root Functions! AndRootKit

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    Here is an app that does everything root related all in one little package for your convenience. This program uses fastboot and adb protocol so there is minimal brick risk! This program will work with any device that supports fastboot. With AndRootKit you can Flash Recovery, Flash system, Flash boot (kernel), Reboot fastboot mode, manual adb shell, view full device log, view full device log, install apk to device, push file to device, install apk as system app, unlock bootloader, lock bootloader, Root, Install Busybox, Download Universal Fastboot/ADB drivers.

    This obviously won't work with every device, but it should work with most. Some functions aren't supported for every device such as unlock feature won't work for samsung or htc device, and lock feature won't work for samsung devices. Check out this cool program at the source link below.

    Via XDA
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