Root HTC One M9 Squabb's Toolkit!

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    To get the HTC One M9 Rooted, Bootloader Unlocked and custom Recovery installed you kind of have to jump through some hoops. Unless you have purchased the developer edition you will have to start out by unlocking your bootloader. This process seems easy on the surface, but your PC or Mac will need to be set up to run ADB and Fastboot commands you will then go through a pretty lengthy process on Once the bootloader is unlocked you will need to go and find the Recovery file for the M9 and once again will need to be able to run fastboot commands to get it flashed. Once you have recovery installed you can finally root the device by flashing the once you have found and downloaded that file of course.

    The process would be much easier if someone found all the files for you and stored them in a place where you could easily access them. It would also be nice if there was a program that would grab those files and flash them automagically. That program does exist. The "Squabbi's toolkit" will allow you to quickly and easily flash twrp, push the supersu file for flashing in twrp, download and flash stock recovery, fastboot erase and flash, adb and fastboot commands, and more. Grab the toolkit from the link below.

    via XDA
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