NV One M8 Rom Updated To RLS4 New Features And Bug Fixes Included

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    Developer "Sbreen94" has always been pretty popular with the Galaxy crowd. The Hyperdrive rom is one of the best for Touchwiz devices. From the same creator comes an awesome Sense rom for the HTC One M8. NV One M8 rom is a feature rich rom for the HTC One M8. It is based on Sense 6 WWE which means you won't lose any of the Sense features you know and love. It includes a custom Aroma Installer which means you can customize this rom to best suite your needs while you install it. This rom can be as much like Sense or as much like AOSP as you like based on the settings you choose in the Aroma installer. This rom is debloated and OEM apps that are not necessary are removed freeing up crucial memory. This rom includes a long list of features. Customizations include nV Tweaks, nV portal, nV Sidebar, nV matrix, nV Filemanager, nv OC Daemon, nV superuser, nV PIE, nV warrior and more.

    The Rom has been updated to RLS4. The update includes dynamic audio control section in nV tweaks, updated htc theme manager themes, theme manager themes now theme per app theme color, compiled binaries using gcc linaro 4.9 toolchain for more improved performance and speed, updated translations, other miscellaneous additions and fixes. Head to the link below for the download.

    via XDA
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