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    Hey there, I have been a member for about 5 minutes now, and just figured out how to make a new thread. Yeah, go me!
    I joined because I am having problems with my brand new motorola droid Razr xt910, and none of the forums I've visited so far have solved this problem. Its one of the most common problems with this device (to my limited knowledge).
    Am I supposed to get into detail about that now, or just make this solely an introduction???

    Well...please don't get mad, and I'll make it simple:

    I ordered this phone online thru Ebay and waited three weeks for it to arrive, it had gotten caught in a scanning machine and I had to call a million and a half people to get them to move it and finally get it to me. Its brand new, no refurbishes no previous owners, yada yada... It came with a 80% charge....can you guess what the problem is? Bingo: My brand new device doesn't Charge!
    It came with its own USB to micro USB cable and wall adapter, I used that for about two hours and no progress. I tried connecting it to my computer and that was a whole nother mess... I got about fifty of the same pop-ups saying motorola device detected and would i like to install? No charge there either.
    The next thing I'm going to try is one of my old adapters that has micro USB, but forgoes the whole USB thing completely, just a regular wall charger. I'm hoping that will work, but i'm not too confident since I have found a gazillion other threads about this same issue, with the minor exception that all those people had either bricked or rooted their phones. I have not done any of that. Was thinking about rooting it and customizing it a bit eventually but now I'm a bit turned off it.
    Anyway, if anybody has some suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciate it. *sigh* so much for short and simple. My apologies.
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    Welcome aboard!

    Do you have another wall charger with the micro USB end - if so, give it a try.