Nexus And Google Voice Question

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by jack1953, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    My name is Jack, and my wife and I are the proud parents of two Samsung Smart Phones! We, both in our fifites, have finally come into the 21st century and purchased our first smart phones!

    I have a Galaxy S3 and my wife has a Nexus with the Jelly Bean upgrade.

    We both use bluetooth devices, especially when driving. The Google voice app, on my wife's Nexus, is really not cooperating very well with my wife's Motorola bluetooth. She is having problems with GV understanding her. It's imperative that she has a voice app that will work well to keep her hands on the wheel while driving.

    I've tried downloading and installing other third party apps like Vlingo and Drive, but I cannot the phone to default to the third party apps as it stays with the GV.

    Any ideas, instruction, or advice would GREATLY be appreciated!!