Nexus 10 One Click Root, ClockWork Mod and More TOOLKIT for MAC

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    Most root methods and toolkits are developed for windows. The reason is because the overwhelming majority of folks are still using the good ole trusty PC. That being said it is becoming more and more popular for techies to drop the extra grand and get a mac with the same specs instead. With this fact in mind developer "techfanatic9" has created a Toolkit for Mac users! He had released a toolkit for the Nexus 7 shortly after its release and has recently released his toolkit for the Nexus 10!

    What can the Toolkit do?
    -Root Nexus 10
    -Install Clockwork Mod Recovery on the Nexus 10
    -Unroot Nexus 10 to Stock 4.2.1
    -Unlock Bootloader
    -Lock Bootloader

    This is pretty much all you need! Grab it via XDA
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