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    Just bought a Droid and wanted to find out some information as I had loaded my free Yahoo email on my Droid. One day, it disappeared, I set it up again and now I get a "Connection error". I get email via Yahoo email but cannot send email. No idea why, and figure I can ask people in the Forum.
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    Welcome to the forum, adubs4! Try this set up:

    How to set up Yahoo! IMAP email (non-root solution)

    This does not require Yahoo! Plus Mail, the paid service of Yahoo! mail.

    1. From the home screen, pull up the applications tab (at the bottom of the screen)
    2. Touch Email
    3. Touch Manual Setup at the bottom left corner
    - Select the IMAP option
    4. In the incoming server settings, enter the details as follows:
    Username: (enter your complete yahoo email address)
    Password: enter your yahoo password
    IMAP Server:
    Port: 143
    Security Type: None
    IMAP Path Prefix: leave blank
    5. Touch next to continue to SMTP Server Settings and enter the details as follows:
    Port: 587
    Security Type: None (Checkmark “required sign-in”)
    Username: (enter your complete yahoo email address again)
    Password: enter your yahoo email password again
    6. Touch Next
    7. Fill out your personal information (Name etc.)
    (If you are having problems be sure that WiFi is OFF then try again)