New Pics of the Oppo Find 7 Show Up on the Web; Some Specs & Features Shared Too

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    It's easy to get distracted by the "big name" phone releases like Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony. Because of that some fine pieces of hardware are sometimes relegated to obscurity in the news. One good example of that is Oppo. The small Chinese OEM makes some impressive devices with affordable prices. The Find 5 is an attractive and fairly powerful smartphone, but it gets overlooked because it isn't famous enough. Oppo is hoping to change that with their Find 7 smartphone.

    Some new info has been leaked online regarding the device. We have some features, specs and the pics you see above and below. The pic above is the usual press render. The one below is meant to show-off the unique “crescent-shaped” LED notification light built into the bottom of the phone.


    Here's a breakdown of what else we know about the device:

    • Metal frame and the “glass and the frame will become seamless”
    • “crescent-shaped” LED notification light
    • 5.5-Inch 2560×1400 display (a 1920×1080 version will be available as well, supposedly)
    • Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with support for TD-LTE 4G
    • 13 Megapixel camera (a 50MP version was previously rumored by debunked)
    The phone will be officially unveiled March 19th. Rumor has it that the manufacturer will be shooting for a sub-$600 price. We will bring you the full details on launch day.

    Source: Liliputing
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    Oppo is very popular in the Euro and Asian market. Looks like they want their share of the US market by out featuring the Big Boys.
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