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    Just registered as I have become quite frustrated with my Razr HD in the last couple of months. Just made the move to a smart phone in January. I get business, personal emai, etc., use the calendar and as much other stuff as I can, and as I learn. I'll try to express my concerns as best I can.

    1. Pictures going to an internet site somewhere in the sky - I have stopped taking pictures of family. I have 3 grandchildren who are adopted and there are some very real safety issues from their previous lives that preclude any possibility that someone might see them on the internet.

    2. Alerts, particularly about pictures being ready to share - sometimes as long as a week after I took the picture, I get the alert, always in the very, very early hours of the morning (1 - 3am). Agravating that I cannot turn that off without turning off the ringer on my phone.

    3. Spent some time when I got the phone setting up speed or 1-button dialing. Jelly Bean came through and wiped that out. Favorites is NOT the same as it self-polulates and the goal of using a hands free device on the road and 1-button dialing is to keep from having to surf through multiple screens to initial a call.

    4. Several times I have made settings with regard to vibrating or other such, only to have the phone revert to what it was doing before I made the change.

    If anyone can help me with some of this, I will really appreciate it. I am ready to give the phone back to Verizon. I have been with them since 1996 but this is frustrating.

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