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    6555 ey all I just found this cool cloud service called "Copy" that is just getting started.

    The best part is they are currently offering 10 GB free initially. You get 5 GB just for signing up and 5 GB by following a referral link that I will provide here:

    Basically once you sign up via the link ^^ and download either the desktop client or the Android app for your phone you get the extra 5 GB for a total of 10 GB. Also, you can rack up more GB by sharing on Twitter and getting others to sign up via your referral. So basically if you share your referral link and everyone signs up off each other's referrals then we should all get a good chunk of free cloud storage.

    Sure it's another cloud service and some may not want to sign up for one more cloud storage service, but this is a chance to get a lot of storage free. I mean can you find 20 GB of storage that you don't have to pay a monthly fee for? After signing up via someone else's referral and having just two friends use my referral I have 20 GB free!

    Anyway, feel free to check it out. The Android app is pretty simple and doesn't have a whole lot of settings or features, but it appears to work just as easily and as well as Dropbox.
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    get free 20GB( 15GB + bonus 5GB ref) (complete register and install apps) and more here:
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