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    Wanted to let everyone know about a cloud storage option that allowed you to upload files with unlimited sizes. is the site, and they have an android app in the play store that you can use. With my code, you can get 20 GB's of free storage instead of the standard 15. This is supposed to be a limited time offer of 15 GB's for every user and go back down to their typical 5 GB's free. For every person that you sign up, you get another 5 GB's once they either sign into the desktop program or the android/ios app and the person signing up gets an extra 5 GB's over the current start size. There is currently no limit to the amount of storage you can get for free.

    Another way they have tried to differentiate themselves from the likes of dropbox and all the other big players, is that you can share paying for storage. So, if you and a friend needed to have a shared folder of 10 GB's, then you would each pay for only 5 GB's.

    Seems pretty good so far, try it out.
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