Need help removing Voodoo Kernel and going back to stock kernel

Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate Development' started by Stelv, Mar 16, 2011.

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    *Nevermind sorry. I got the answer over at fascinateforums.

    I think I removed voodoo on SC 2.9.1 by making a new remove lagfix file in voodoo folder on sdcard and rebooting. I heard the lady and my phone booted back up. My quadrant is now below 1000, so I believe the Voodoo kernel is uninstalled? Do I delete the entire voodoo folder from my sdcard now or keep it as it is? I deleted the "remove_lagfix" file already. Is it safe to boot into Red CWM recovery and install the non-voodoo kernel, another Rom or restore a backup?

    Here is the answer if anyone has a similar issue: "You are now safe to go to cwr and flash non voodoo kernel, then when you reboot your can remove the file or the entire folder. If you remove first and miss cwr then voodoo with reenable."
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