My continuum is acting crazy. HELP.

Discussion in 'Samsung Continuum' started by JoshRoss, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Okay, so I have my Continuum rooted, and had been running ADWlauncher, with a theme, which was running fine and dandy. Then sometime day before yesterday my phone began to go haywire. My battery essentially stopped charging, so I dropped ADW, and went back to the default TW, and the issue essentially stopped.
    That is, until now. I had my phone plugged into charge, and had about 6% battery life when I did. I was on the browser, just reading a few articles, when my phone decides to power off as if dead (just straight to black, no power-off screen). So basically my battery wasn't charging whilst plugged in. I did a battery pull, got my phone to go to the charging screen, then after about ten minutes, tried to reboot. It booted fine, and displayed the battery being charged, so I checked the meter, and it said 26%. I kept a sharp eye on it, and it slowly worked it's way down to 18% while still being plugged in and displaying charging battery. Can anyone help?
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