Must Have [MOD] APP Intelligent Ringer, Auto Adjust Ringing Volume!

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    We have all been there. You ara at a meeting or heaven forbid at church and your loud obnoxious ringtone goes off. The preacher looks at you and says, "you better answer that it could be God", thinking that he is being totally original, and you just squeeze back in your seat more embarrassed than you have ever been. It's times like these that birth innovation!

    Intelligent Ringer is an application by developer "soulreaver1" that aims to fix this ever annoying problem. The app sets the volume of your ringer based on the ambient noise environment in which your smartphone is working. It can also detect whether or not the phone is in your pocket. Unlike other apps Intelligent Ringer adjust its internal settings to the particular device, which makes a world of difference on the measurement and settings process.

    It does respect silent mode, so when the phone is in silent mode it will not auto adjust the ringer setting. The app also includes many settings so that you have full control over everything! Grab this App from the link below!

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