Music players don't 'repeat' with GB update

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    So about a week ago or so i was forced to update to GB (im still a little pissed about that but i digress). Everything seems fine, however neither the default music player nor winamp seem to be able to properly use the repeat list/current song functions. Basically what it does is it gets to the end of the song that would be the last song on the list/only song being repeated and then just stop doing anything for about 5 minutes (of silence). During this time the seek bar and the play/pause buttons do NOTHING and the only way to get it out of this glitch is to skip to another song. If i do nothing for about 5 minutes, it will randomly start playing the next song it was supposed to play on repeat. What's causing this and how do i fix it? Any ideas?

    Edit: wierd, it seems to work, but only whenever it feels like it. I don't understand whats causing it to work on and off like that.
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