[MOD][DEV] *v2.1 update* Froyo Camera.apk Power Button->Shutter Key; Disable Low Batt

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    All credit goes to GizmoDroid over at XDA for this sweet hack....Enjoy

    Orig link: [MOD][DEV] *v2.1 update* Froyo Camera.apk Power Button->Shutter Key; Disable Low Batt - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD][DEV] *v2.1 update* Froyo Camera.apk Power Button->Shutter Key; Disable Low Batt

    Current Functionality over stock Camera.apk:
    • Optional Geotagging (thanks to Adrynalyne or whoever he got it from)
    • Power Button in Camera mode becomes functionally the same as the touchscreen Shutter Key
    • Power Button in Camcorder mode becomes functionally the same as the touchscreen Shutter Key for starting recording
    • Removed Low Battery restriction
    • Removed In-Call restriction
    [SIZE=+1]Froyo Camera Mod v2.1 - APK version[/SIZE]

    Camera.apk - Download @ MediaFire.com


    Installation: Since this is a system app, it cannot be installed using the Package Installer. Camera.apk must replace /system/app/Camera.apk. You can accomplish this many different ways. Two common methods are: 1) use ADB to push it ("adb push Camera.apk /system/app/Camera.apk"); or 2) copy Camera.apk to your SD card, then use a program like Root Explorer to move it to "/system/app/". If you are running a Stock Froyo rom, you will want to delete any camera.odex files in /system/app/, clear dalvik cache and reboot. For most deodexed roms, a reboot is only necessary if the camera is not working correctly after installation.
    Thanks to s44, there is now a CWM flashable upgrade version:

    [SIZE=+1]Froyo Camera Mod v2.1 - ClockworkMod ZIP version[/SIZE]

    cameramodv2.1-install.zip - Download @ xdaDevelopers.com


    Originally Posted by s44 [​IMG] The attached Clockwork zip *should* do all the above (delete the odex if it exists, clear the Camera's dalvik cache entry, and install the Camera apk into /system/app)
    Installation: Copy zip file to sdcard. Boot into CWM, and select "Install zip from sd card". Select the file, then confirm the flash. When finished, reboot.

    Disclaimer: This should work on any of the Froyo roms/kernels, but maybe not your's. Be sure to make a backup of your current Camera.apk for easily switching it back if you have problems.

    Feedback: If it doesn't work right, let me know your setup, and what the problem is. If you see an error in my description, or if you know of a better way to do something, let me know. It's my goal to both be as unobtrusive to the original code as possible, while increasing functionality/efficiency. I am *slightly* open to suggestions on future features (I can't promise much since I'm in school and don't have too much time).

    Future Features/Fixes:
    • In camcorder mode, Power Button second press->Pause Key
    • Fix minor bug where Home Key short press does not exit program after using the Power Button once
    • Optimize PNG's
    Previous Versions
    [SIZE=-1]Camera Mod v1
    Camera.apk - Download @ MediaFire.com


    • v2.1
      -Added "Unable to start camera while in a call" Alert Disable
      -Added Remap Power Button to Shutter Key for Camcorder (start only)
    • v2
      -Corrupted Upload... Sorry!
    • v1
      -Initial Release

    -Adrynalyne for providing the deodexed, froyo Camera.apk with optional geotagging added.
    -The author of that forum post I read that pointed me to the "camera.smali" file. I'm sorry, I have no idea who you are.
    -Whoever wrote this Dalvik VM cheatsheet
    -S44 for putting together the CWM flash file

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