[RELEASE]Blackhole Version 4.2 now available *02/15 update* EB01

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    All credit goes to sonofskywalker3 for the ROM....Enjoy

    Orig link: [RELEASE]Blackhole Version 4.2 now available *02/15 update* EB01 - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [RELEASE]Blackhole Version 4.2 now available *02/15 update* EB01
    I guess this is safe to post, since it's available free to all in Rom Manager now...

    [RELEASE]Blackhole Version 4.2 now available *02/15 update*

    Thanks to JT1134, Punk.Kaos, and Adrynalyn we finally got a Froyo leak. Not like the Vibrant guys who get one every 2 weeks for the past 4 months, but I'll take what I can get.

    So this ROM is based off of the EB01 leak released by Adrynalyn, it is Deodexed, and ready to go.

    As with all my roms I have removed almost everything and allow you to add back only what you want.

    This link is for the stand-alone version of the rom, it can be flashed without any additional files needed to have a running baseline.

    Thanks to all of my seeders for the torrent, micdawg for the adbdev.com mirror, and to androiddoes for the bulk of the hosting.

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    If you are using the EB01 Voodoo Kernel you will need to revert the /system partition to rfs in order to use Rom Manager to apply updates or download the Rom.

    1. Reboot into Red CWM by using the recovery power menu option or the three button bootup.
    2. Choose "Voodoo"
    3. Choose "/system lagfix off"
    4. Reboot

    This allows you to have the lagfix on all the other partitions, but still works with Rom Manager. After you've got the rom setup to your liking you can follow the same steps to turn the /system lagfix back on.

    4.01 Changelog:
    Added custom hosts file to block ads
    Added necessary DRM files to allow music player to play more than one song
    Added Accurate Battery and Power/Reboot options mods

    4.1 Changelog:
    Added appwidgetpicker.apk to collapse widgets into categories
    Removed default Boot/shutdown animation files to lower download size and prevent mismatched video/audio
    Removed additional Kies and Nuance files from stock rom
    Removed additional unused files
    Removed default sounds, use market apps to make/download custom tones, or download Stock Audio Pack from Extras in Rom Manager
    Removed spanish language from text-to-speech, can be redownloaded from the market.

    4.2 Changelog:
    Now EB01 based, latest froyo leak
    Included 5 lockscreen mod by sbrissen, choose in settings/display between puzzle, glass, aosp, epic, or rotary
    Included long press search key for google voice search mod by dhoard
    Included modded camera by Gizmodroid (power key takes picture/starts recording, removed lowbattery lock, added geotagging)
    **If you install a custom theme without these options built in you will lose them. look for themes updated 2/15 or later.**
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