Mms name input doesn't recognize changed contact name

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM D2' started by GrandWazoo, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I am running Liberty GB 0.8 and I changed a contact name in my phone from a person's last name to both their first and last name. This is a person I text a lot, and I noticed when I went to type in his first name, it didn't recognize the change and only displayed my other contacts with that same first name. When I started typing only his last name, he will show up.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Since changing the name, I have rebooted lots of times and it still only recognizes this contact by the name he had when I installed Liberty GB. I have also switched between AOSP and blur mms a couple times, and both messaging apps have the same issue. I have posted pictures to show what I mean in case it's a little confusing. The person I'm talking about is "R S."

    Only his google talk name shows when I type his first name, and that is because that name was added like that when I synced with google (also, his google talk name will ONLY show up when I type his first name, not when I type S). Another thing, his google talk name is still alphabetized based on S being after R (as you can see, R T is the first result, followed by R S). How can my phone display the change in his name, yet won't realphabetize or reconize when I try to type in the changed name?

    EDIT: I still have no idea what went wrong, but I recently reloaded Liberty GB and my Gingercomb theme, and it is finally showing up properly.

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