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    Hey all,

    I know this is my first post but I honestly can't find the answer anywhere and I'm getting pretty annoyed with it.
    I'm running a Droid 3 Milestone (XT860) and am currently unable to send MMS Messages. Well, sort of.
    I live in Australia and am with Vodafone. I'm currently using the apn settings found here
    I've tried many different APN settings and variants thereof.

    I can easily receive MMS messages, however when I send them it says it goes through. Though the person on the other end receives the mms as <<resizedimage_(picturename).jpeg>> in text.
    I don't know if it's the droid or the network or what, but I can't find this issue listed anywhere.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Seems to be purely due to resizing on the stock text app.
    If I resize via Gallery it will send the image jut fine, but when the text app does the resize and compress it bugs it out.
    Anyone heard of this issue before and/or know how to fix it? Annoying to have to manually resize each time.
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