Mirrors, Mods & Howto: DroidTh3ory's Axi0m ROMs

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    DroidTh3ory's Axi0m ROMs - Mirrors, Mods & Howto

    I hope DroidTh3ory does not mind me posting a mirror of his work so others can enjoy the awesome builds he gave us. I will give credit to all that I can remember, but if I forget someone, it was not intentional. Please let me know and I'll add them. Also, I don't have the Changelog for 2.3 or 2.4, but if anyone out there does, PM it to me and I'll add it.

    Axi0m 2.3 files: Install Instructions Below.

    Axi0m 2.3 - Credit to DroidTh3ory for an awesome, fast & stable build!
    md5sum - 7d809960ca1f46adfc8bf15dacf9622d

    Axi0m 2.3 - Launcher MOD - Credit to DroidTh3ory for including the stock launcher, minus the search bar, plus an extra row for icons/widgets.
    md5sum - 396f2445212f58ec5d7b54238ec49296

    Axi0m 2.3 - Battery + Pandora MOD - Credit to Yakitori, circular battery icon with percentage in middle, as well as a sweet themed Pandora.
    md5sum - 9b030a7e71558cb90f4f30d1172b6668

    Axi0m 2.4 files: Instructions same as 2.3.

    Axi0m 2.4 - Credit to DroidTh3ory, his last officially released ROM.
    md5sum - 8c9cb8a0fd923e4e8107c80ed04380c0

    Axi0m 2.4 - Launcher MOD - DroidTh3ory again, same as 2.3, but for 2.4.
    md5sum - 396f2445212f58ec5d7b54238ec49296

    Axi0m 2.4 - Battery + Pandora MOD - Yakitori, for 2.4
    md5sum - 4220f1dfbdaa4a925c492856de40bc20

    Extras: (Linked to OP of their respective threads. Read the thread for more details and direct your questions there.)

    HON3YCR3AM for Axi0m
    - Mastur Mods, link to his thread on rootzwiki. Known issue with black text on black background in GTalk. Working on a fix. Check his thread for details.

    Themed Pandora Update - Yakitori. Link is to OP. At time of writing, he has not updated the OP to include the latest version (1.5.16 ICS), so until he get's it up there, HERE is the link... and HERE for a transparent blue version.

    Clockwork MOD Touch Edition - Credit to unstableapps for creating the touch edition. Chris Ennis for the concept, graphics & code tweaks, Koushik Dutta as CWM is his baby and Drew Suarez for maintenance & porting.
    • Don't have access to a computer? You can flash CWM Touch without fastboot! (You must already be unlocked & rooted)
    Open terminal emulator on the device.​
    su -
    cat /path/to/recovery.img > /dev/block/platform/omap/omap_hsmmc.0/by-name/recovery
    Updated Radios:

    4.0.3 CDMA/LTE Radios - Credit to razorloves for the post/how to/links, DroidHckr for the leaked 4.0.3 and SyNiK4L for hosting the files.
    • Some say they're an improvement, some disagree. Check the thread and decide for yourself. The 4.0.2 radios are there as well if you decide to revert... and 4.0.1 if you wanna go backwards.
    • Instructions:
      • Read all instructions before you begin. When you're done reading this, go read someone elses flash instructions, then watch a youtube video of someone flashing a rom from start to finish. Then if you have any questions/doubts, do a search here, at rootzwiki, xda-developers, google, androidforums, etc... Chances are, someone else had the same question and it's already answered. If you still have something you're not sure about, please, please feel free to ask so that a) others can get an answer if they have the same question and b) to help you do it right the first time, eliminating a potential headache for you. This is by no means a complete instruction, but if you already know what you're doing, this is a good reminder, and if you don't know/have never flashed anything before, this should not be the only instructions you read before you begin.
      • Download ROM. If you downloaded it to your computer, move it onto the phone. If you're in a 4g area, chances are, it's just as fast as your home internet, so save a step and download it from your phone.
      • Ensure you have over 50% battery. 100% is recommended, as is always flashing new roms while your phone is plugged in. A battery fail in the middle of a flash *could* result in a soft brick. Do not worry, there are threads on how to recover your GNex if you decide to flash with 1% remaining.
      • Reboot to CWM recovery
      • Make a nandroid backup of current system if you so desire - highly advised (backup and restore -> backup)
      • Mounts and storage -> format {/system,/cache,/data}
        • Yes, wipe
        • Don't worry, this won't delete anything under /mnt/sdcard, so your downloads/pics/etc... will be fine. However, text messages, call log, apps, etc... will be deleted. If you want to save a copy of your text messages & call logs, there are apps for that in the market. 'SMS Backup +' is one. There are others. Do this before you reboot into CWM and wipe anything. Your apps and some system settings will be restored when you activate the phone on first boot with Axi0m. You can use TitaniumBackup to backup more settings, but you must have root and again, do this before you wipe anything.
      • Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
      • Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard
        • select zip file (probably in Download or tapatalk_downloads or tapatalkdroidforums_download... depending how what you used to download the files.)
        • Yes, Install
      • After the install finishes, select "reboot system now" in the main menu
    • At this point, your phone should boot through the google logo, and the Axi0m boot screen will repeat itself for about 5 minutes... your system is rebuilding it's dalvik cache and preparing for first boot. This is normal so don't be alarmed.
      • If it sits on the google logo for more than 5 minutes, keeps rebooting back to the google logo, or is stuck on the Axi0m boot screen for more than 10 minutes... something went wrong. Please search the forums, as others have already provided walk-throughs on how to get your phone back. (If someone has a link to a thorough one, please PM me the link and I'll add it here)
    • On first boot, you'll go through the login like you did when you first got the phone. Sign-in with existing account.
      • 2.4 and I believe 2.3 want you to login over a wifi network by default. If you are not near one, turn the wifi adapter on then off, then press back and select sign-in again. Now you should be able to login over vzw's network.
    • Once you login, select restore my account and backup my account on googles servers. this will automatically download your apps, sync everything (gmail, picasa, phone book, saved wifi access points, the list goes on...)
    • Let all your apps re-download and let the system settle before you do anything with sms backup, titanium backup, or reboot to flash any extra mods.
      • If your picasa albums aren't syncing, you can find them inside your google+ app, under photos. Don't worry, they're not visible to the public by default, you have to share a photo for others to see it. An alternative is to uninstall google+ and your picasa albums will sync with the gallery instead. Haven't found if this was a bug or a feature, but I believe it was done as a feature by google. Incase you have more than 1 google account or someone uses your phone to login to their google account real quick, you don't end up with someone elses pictures in your gallery or end up posting pics from one picasa account to a different google+ account.
    • At this point, if you want to install any mods, the ones below or from anywhere else, reboot your system to CWM
    • Clear cache and under advanced clear dalvik.
    • Install mod through the install menu, just like you did with the rom. (Note, only .zip mods can be installed in recovery. For yakitori's latest Pandor, it's an apk. Install from inside the ROM)
    • Reboot and enjoy! DancingNexus

    A note to DroidTh3ory and why I'm posting this thread. If someone who knows him could pass along this message, I would be greatfull.

    You put out more enhancements/bug fixes/updates your rom in a 2 week time period than I ever saw with anyone the 2 years I had my OG Droid. After trying early CM9alpha, I was ready to flash back to stock. I thought for sure they'd have the best thing out there this soon out of the gate. I was wrong. Just before I flashed back, I noticed your first Axi0m release and figured wth, why not. I'm going back to stock anyway, so why not see what's up with this one. I actually didn't even run it a full day before you released your first update, but even without the update I was hooked. Axi0m was always fast, bugs were very minimal, and never anything that would hinder my usage of the phone, stable, great features, awesome theme, awesome bootsplash, backgrounds, eye candy, battery life, etc... Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the Android community. I always tried to post bugs I found, not to point out flaws with your build, but so you would have a chance to fix and make your roms even better than before. I am just now attempting to get my feet wet on the DEV side of Android. I want to give something back and I can only hope to one day have the patience and skills of a master dev such as yourself. This is evidenced by the following you amassed in only 8 months. Your thread had the most posts of any ROM both here and on RootzWiki.

    Please know, if you ever decide to return, I'm sure there are many people out there who will be more than willing to welcome you back. Myself and many others will forever be on the watch for Axi0m 2.5. If you ever consider releasing 2.5 in it's current state, finished or not, there are those of us who would love to have a look at it. Also, though we'd be hard pressed to fill your shoes, if you ever consider releasing your source, I'm sure there are people out there (myself included) who would love to try to build on what you gave us. If you don't want to host it, I would be happy to open a repo on github.

    In either case, I wish you the best as you move forward and hope that one day, you find something that gives you the same joy and sparks the same passion you so graciously shared with the Android community.

    Thank You

    - ænyoc

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    Are there a set of GApps for this Rom? I'm currently using the ones that are for GumnyNex
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