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    I've been looking around online and I've found several audio-player apps, but nothing much for video. The closest I've found is yxflash player, but I've heard it's got issues and while it's a pay app they ask you to put in your CCN after your download to register instead of doing processing through the market (which disturbs me).

    I'm personally more interested in video. I'd love to be able to stuff a few videos on my SD card and watch them during flights, and since the OMAP3 has hardware acceleration for h264, this should be easy.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    Container support for AVI, Matroska, and MP4

    Video codec support for h264, 3gp, and xvid/divx

    Audio codec support for mp3, ac3, aac

    The above doesn't seem too complex, especially considering my Archos 605 Wifi can do all of the above, and so can the Archos 5 Tablet (which I don't have). I've got a Droid, overclocked, so it should have the power to decode any of the above formats no problem, at near DVD res.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? It seems like most of the apps available now are wrappers for the default codecs and are heavily ad-ridden (i.e. just a vector get show you ads), and it's nigh impossible to sort through all the cruft on the market.
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