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    One thing I've discoverd recently, that I really, really love about my Droid are the apps for free, internet radio. Amazing what you can find to listen to, which fits my eclectic tastes perfectly. Only problem is, I prefer to use the MDRadio app, which has a great variety, but seems to hang up or drop off my wireless network after about 20-30 minutes. I've tried Antropia and it's OK, but I like MDs selection much better. I like to connect to my boombox, run Sleep Timer app and go to sleep listening to Zenfm. Most nights, 20-30 minutes is plenty, but sometimes it's not. My network could be an issue, as I'm a fair distance from the wireless router. But, I don't seem to have this problem with other music apps. Screen timeout is set to 30 minutes, but I normally shut off the screen to save battery when I listen. Would that still affect it? Any suggestions for an app or a solution to fix this minor problem?

    ADD: BTW, most of this likely goes away when Flash 10 is released for Droid and I go directly to the stations website. Still, MD is convenient.
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