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    when will they update the market? itunes still has a better interface... it really needs a total revamp. 2 things that bother me:

    1. the market needs a smart search engine. if i want to find a app, i shouldn't need the name of the app in a search to find it. i should be able to type in .... i don't know.... icon,and every app that has to do with that comes up. even though the word icon isn't in the title. like a tag or something. that just doesn't happen now.

    2. I REALLY wish you could leave out certain key words in a search. for example: when you do a search for "live wallpaper", fantastic planet II has about 250 STUPID apps you have to scroll through with every f@$#%^ flag from every country on this earth. SO aggravating!!! i so wish i could do a search and leave that stupid develper out. just one of many examples.

    they have gotten a little better, but still has a way to go. anyone hear ANYTHING?
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