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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by gavron, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Rescue Squad ... enjoy this :)

    Yes I have been telling everyone "use the wall charger." Yesterday while on a trip the following happened to me. PLEASE NOTE, I am not imagining anything... if I say it... REALLY I saw it.

    1. Droid was charging all the time and had gone from 60% (in the plane) to 70% then 80% then 90% then 100%. This as per the battery charging widget. The screen lock eventually said "charged".

    2. Went to breakfast. Enroute in elevator figured I'd do the morning backup. Quickboot -> recovery -> nandroid backup. All done.

    3. Reboot HANGS at M. Ok, I've advised people on this. We know it. The kernel isn't happy. X back to restore from previous known-good backup. RESTORE DONE. Reboot hangs at M.

    4. Battery out. Again. Now no M. My "I've posted on the forum" brain says "Yeah it's not charged EVEN THOUGH it showed 100%". It won't turn on. Battery removal doens't help.

    5. Get back to room -- plug in USB (I have no wall charger in room)

    6. Droid has power. It goes up to 5% then 10% then 15% (and red LED). NOTE: Really the battery power widget had shown it going up to 100%, then charged, then no more charging. SERIOUSLY. Fully charged.

    7. Charge it yesterday from 15% then flight then home (AC charger) then 100%...

    8. Today go to do a nandroid backup. Coming back it's stuck on M!!!

    SEERIOUSLY stuck on M after all that???

    9. Restore 4/23 backup



    10. Restore 4/28 backup



    11. Wipe Data/Cache and restore 4/28 backup

    Comes up fine.

    Thought I'd share.

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    Ahh yes, the good old Factory Data reset (which is what you basically did), which then usually reboots you to a custom recovery image. I've done it a couple of times when my gps got wonky.

    Thanks for sharing.
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