lock screen always says airplane mode is on, when its not

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by RodgerRodger, Aug 8, 2010.

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    i have the droid incredible, and it just started doing this over the past few days. when it wakes up from stand by, and is at the lock screen, it says airplane mode is on. but when i unlock it, I can see airplane mode is off.

    here is some relevant information:
    i used to have an app called sleep my droid, and that would put it in airplane mode during specific times you set in the apps preferences, for example late at night when you are alseep, you put it in airplane to save battery.
    I have since uninstalled this app, but problem persists.

    also just bought a new app/widget called SwitchPro which gives you better more customizable buttons for home screen features such as vibrate/silence mode, battery meter, wifi on/off, bluetooth, sync, etc. rather that using the stock buttons. I downloaded it around the time this airplane thing started happening...

    i've gone into settings on switchpro and phone settings to check for airplane info and havent found anything yet. anyone else having this issue?

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