LG G5's Additional Module Addons Pictured

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    Here's a picture that LG shared of the new "modules" you can use with the LG G5 (shown above). Here's a recap of these attachable accessories:
    • 360 CAM: Allows the G5 to shoot 360-degree photos and videos. Features two 13-megapixel wide-angle cameras, 4GB of internal memory, 1,200 mAh additional battery capacity and shoots 2K video.
    • 360 VR: A virtual reality headset similar to Samsung’s Gear VR, in that it only connects to the G5.
    • H3 by B&O Play: Premium headphones capable of 32-bit sound. Compatible with all LG phones.
    • Rolling Bot: A small robot with an 8-megapixel camera that connects to devices via Wi-Fi. More than just a toy, LG says that owners can use the device “as a security system for the home” or “a remote control” for compatible devices.
    • Smart Controller: Control a drone and watch its video stream directly from the G5.
    • Tone Platinum: A “superior” bluetooth headset with lossless 24-bit audio.
    It looks like LG pulled out all the stops this year!
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