LG Ally, Socialite app seems to have given up

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    Not sure what happened. :(

    I never really liked the Socialite app more than the regular Facebook app, but I did like that I could sync my contacts through socialite, my phonebook had everyone's display picture from facebook, etc. As time went on and the sync kept updating, I noticed one by one the display pictures were starting to disappear. I tried messing with the options, turning sync accounts on and off to try to get it to restart. Then I even cleared my contacts and told it to sync to my Facebook again, and for some reason it is only loading 7 contacts into my phone!

    For a while, Socialite was giving me some "26 friends have not confirmed their accounts, these accounts will not be accessible" message. I realized I had just recently changed my FB privacy settings and I thought for sure I had found the problem. So I lowered my FB privacy settings, and slowly that message started counting down to zero, until I had no more "unconfirmed" friends. But this still did nothing to bring back my contact pictures or even get my phonebook back up to date.

    The regular Facebook app shows everyone's most recent pictures and updates. Accessing FB through the browsers does as well. But when I go into Socialite, nobody has any pictures (not even me), status updates are days behind, etc.

    What happened? Everything WAS working fine. When I first got the phone I typed my accounts into Socialite and boom everything synced up and I thought it was really cool. All of a sudden nothing is working?

    I wish the regular FB app had a sync option or there was some way to fix this.
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