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Discussion in 'HTC Rezound' started by sluggerpm08, Jan 31, 2013.

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    I updated to ICS via the leak from last year. I am having several issues with the phone now. It randomly restarts every few weeks. Apps randomly get killed. And after a soft restart, sometimes my music will pull a Houdini. Recently I have had battery problems. It dies extremely fast. The HTC stock charger no longer work, but a universal charger works...ish. What could be the problem? What is the best course of action? Can i go back to stock? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This actually sounds like two or more problems. I have had the 4.3.605.2 leak for several months and have not seen the behavior you are describing.

    Randomly restarts every few weeks - Odd, but could be app or hardware related, I would do a factory reset if this becomes an issue (every few weeks wouldn't bother me, but more frequently would)

    Apps are getting killed - sounds like a software glitch or bugged up cache, I would wipe the cache partition, and if it persist do a factory default.

    After a soft reset, music is gone - very odd, is the music on the phone storage or an SD card?

    Battery problems/dies fast - Could be a charger, app, battery, or hardware issue (leaning towards battery or charger due to next issue)

    Charger doesn't work/Universal charger kind of works - Chargers are cheap, buy a microUSB charger (with cable) with a minimum of 5V/1A (5V/1000mA) output, any lower output may cause erratic or incomplete charging, be wary of el-cheapo ones that do that meet these minimums (I have seen some in Kmart with only 250mA output, with the phone off a full charge would take almost 48 hours, if it charged at all). Note that this could also be a defective battery, those can be expensive locally, but HTC OEM or LAZA standard batteries are pretty cheap on Amazon or other online superstore, of course an extended battery is really nice and if you are going to buy a new one...

    Best course of action... in my opinion hit the big issues first, get the battery working/charging properly, and a factory default. You could also try reflashing the RUU again, it should be done twice when initially done (some people have noted odd issues if only flashing once, but they usually show up very quickly, in minutes or hours).

    Can you downgrade (you are already mostly "stock" if you are running a leak and not rooted)? Nope, unless you go S-OFF, and that is not a procedure to be done lightly, although it can open up many ROMs to you if you are inclined to go that way. If you are on the 3.14.605.12 ROM, you are bone-stock, leak or not it is the official ROM, if you are running the Global Mode Leak you can't go down, if you are running a early ICS leak, I would definitely UPGRADE to the official ICS or Global Mode leak.