[KERNEL] [Sense] 1.76 Ghz OCUV/VDD sysfs/EXT4/BFQ/TUN/CIFS 01/04/2011

Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by wascapsfan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Hey People,
    Definite noob here...
    I want to thank the developers for this wonderful kernal!
    I am running this kernal on the stock rom/program. I don't necessarily understand the quandrant scores but my T-bolt is at 2500 at 1600 or 1.6 clocked, on demand.
    It appears to be running smoothly as I have encountered minor problems but nothing that I couldn't figure out thanks to the great help on these boards and google.
    My main question is: I see these other rom's out there (Perfect Storm, Sense, etc...)
    What is the purpose of these others and what are some of the better ones (different tastes , I know) and what will they offer over what I have, AND, are they stable with this 1.76 kernal?
    Sorry for the long wind... but I have found a wealth of knowledge on these boards and I can read these posts all day.

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