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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by js402, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I want to make sure I do everything right with this one - so I have some questions:

    When I receive the phone, it will likely have somewhat of a charge on the battery. Do I put this phone on the charger immediately, or do I wait until the battery completely dies?
    What is the best way to set up the Smart Actions app?
    - On my current phone, I have it set up to turn off cellular data at 4 p.m. and turn on wi-fi at that point (I'm usually at home by 4 p.m.)
    - I have the phone set to use wi-fi during the weekend. If I go out with the phone and need data, I turn it on and then back off.
    - I have disabled background data.

    Battery troubles have abounded with the Bionic - I'm really trying to avoid that and want to make the SIII a phone I can depend on.

    If there are any hints or tips anyone can provide for the SIII out of the box, please let me know.

    I'm *so* hopeful that this phone will be better than the Bionic - and really want to get things set up right from the beginning!

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    Charge it fully before you turn it on.

    Smart Actions is a Moto thing, is not on the Sammy's. There are similar third party apps but look at NFC. Little chips about the size of a quarter. Put two by your door to turn wifi on or off. One in the car to connect bluetoothand fire up nav for example.

    Then you just pass your phone over them and it happens.
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